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First trip to Vegas

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately but the past two weeks have been pretty busy and now I’m finally in Nevada for my first job after graduation!


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Preparing to travel

51430025As I’m actually starting to prepare for my trip at the end of April, I’ve noticed that the stress is¬†starting to get to me. Yes I have my own ways of doing things that may be slightly unconventional, but in my mind there is method to my madness. Let’s just say my parents don’t quite use the same planning methods as me as at this point, they are thoroughly panicked about my state of unpreparedness and my lack of worry about said state of unpreparedness.

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My Fifty

This week’s writing challenge is to write a story in 50 words. No more, no less, exactly 50 words in any form I chose. A whole story in 50 words, I began to wonder if I could do it so of course, I just had to give it a try. Hope you enjoy my fifty!

You inspire me
Being me is so easy
Whenever we talk

No explanations
Are needed, you just get me
So effortlessly

When I am with you
I am on top of the world
I truly trust you

You are there for me
You did the impossible
You opened my heart


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Meet the Burnaby Boggarts

Meet the Burnaby Boggarts (<Рclick there to check us out!)

Yes, muggle quidditch is a real thing. So real that this weekend is the 7th annual Quidditch World Cup where 80 teams from around the world will gather in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

The Burnaby Boggarts is the team I play with at home and yes, the sport may look funny (oh the stares we get) but once you’re in the game, you don’t even notice them!

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