Quest 5: complete!

I can’t believe that my time in Nevada is almost over. The birding season is over as we completed

One of my last bird survey locations by Moores Creek
One of my last bird survey locations by Moores Creek

the last of the bird surveys on Tuesday and the rest of the time will be spent doing habitat assessments by looking at the vegetation that our birding took place in.

My quest was a little different than all the others I’ve done so far because aside from my usual area searches (which have now been completed, just the paperwork left!) Katie and I were at the same transects with one of us birding while the other collected the vegetation data and we would just switch who was birding and who was working with the plants instead of both doing our own transects.

I had my first 4th of July experience in the US this year in a small town called Eureka. I’ve spent a

Sloppy Joe's diner, great people, great place and great milkshakes!
Sloppy Joe’s diner, great people, great place and great milkshakes!

lot of time in Eureka the past two quests because it’s the closest town and there’s this little diner called Sloppy Joe’s that’s got free Wifi and amazing milkshake flavors (totally had a maple flavored one to celebrate Canada Day) not to mention they are super nice to let us sit there for 6 hours a day while we killed some time. I am going to miss that place, was almost starting to feel like a second home while working in the Monitor Valley. On the 3rd of July, Katie and I were spending our usual 6 hour day at Sloppy Joe’s and we come out to our truck only to discover that we had a flat tire. We were both pretty baffled as to when it happened because we had been driving on some pretty nice roads (gravel roads, but still really well maintained) and unless I had hit a cattle guard in a really odd way, we couldn’t figure out how we had gotten this flat tire. After a conversation with our boss as to what we should do, we were instructed to get a hotel room for the night and try to get the tire fixed the next day. It’s getting pretty hot in Nevada, in the morning instead of shivering, it’s almost too warm and the day just gets hotter as it goes on so we’ve been working up quite a sweat for the past couple of days so getting a shower opportunity was amazing! While channel surfing we also found Bridesmaids on TV and had a great night of tv, showers and a real bed!

Since it was a national holiday the tire shop in Eureka was closed so we were instructed to drive to a slightly larger town called Ely to see if their tire shop was open but it was closed there too. With the rest of the day to kill, we found ourselves in a sports bar called Champs. It was a cool place and the bartender/owner was a really cool guy with a lot of stories. If you’ve ever seen the movie Rat Race, they filmed the race ending location in this small town and it was super cool to see where they filmed that. We ended up camping just outside of Ely that night and then we were finally able to get our tire patched on the 5th (after waiting 6 hours because everywhere was super busy) and then we were able to get back on schedule.

We spent the rest of the quest with the whole field crew united, knocking out the missing vegetation data that didn’t get done during the birding and doing some unofficial surveys in the Barley Creek area before heading back to Reno.

The marina in Sparks
The marina in Sparks

It’s crazy to think that this is my last weekend in Sparks and Reno with my coworkers because I’m catching a flight home 7 hours after I finish this job on the 23rd. I’m glad that we’re spending the next quest altogether because it is nice to spend time with everyone and hang out after a day of work. I have taken a liking to this little town, there’s always something going on here. This weekend is actually Artown in Reno so there’s live music, movies under the stars and lots of art shows and different things like that going on. I don’t know if I’ve just been missing everything in Vancouver because I haven’t been looking or just looking in the wrong place but I definitely want to keep my eye out for fun things to do when I get back home.

My final weekend in Reno looks like it will be full of good food, Artown events, Arrested Development watching and job applications when it gets too hot to actually go outside. Planning to go tubing down a part of the Trukee River later today as well which should be a lot of fun. Adventure seem to be everywhere here, just need to know how to find them!

Until next time,



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