4 months later…

This one's not mine! comics-Fredo-and-Pidjin-time-machine-future-927128

This one’s not mine!

It’s been just over 4 months since I’ve updated this blog so what crazy adventure took over my life that has completely taken me away from this space? Surprisingly, nothing. Since my last update, things have been pretty static with me and no dramatic changes in my life but nothing ever stays completely the same in life so of course there have been a few changes. I’ll highlight the big ones just in case you’re curious as to what I’ve gotten up to the past little bit.

Work situation:

A few years ago now, a family member had an idea for a new business in a new industry and he was super keen on trying it out. At the time it seemed like a massive uphill battle and one that seemed to be a losing battle. Since September, I have been helping out with this new business because there seems to be some sort of shift. Maybe it’s having the cooperation of the municipalities we need or just the experience of having failed and the knowledge of what not to do this time around, it might actually work. At this rate, we should actually have cash coming in the first week of 2015 so until then, I’m sticking with him and hoping it works out for the best.

Travel plans:

Pike Place Market in Seattle

Pike Place market in Seattle

Due to my unemployment (because I have been volunteering my time to help out the business), I’ve had a lot of flexibility with my schedule and my time has genuinely been mine to spend as I want to spend it. Taking advantage of the time that I didn’t have a work schedule, I spent a week with my family in mid-August on our annual trip to Osoyoos. It was actually a great way to get back to a desert environment because after 3 months in Nevada, the Vancouver humidity was hard for me to handle, especially with the warm weather. I also took advantage of the situation and jumped at the chance to see a friend in Seattle that I had met in Flagstaff during a weekend trip while working in Nevada. We were able to spend 4 days exploring the neighborhoods, museums, being touristy and just having a fun time before he headed out to start a new job.

Quidditch life:

Borrowed this one from the Burnaby News Leader

Borrowed this one from the Burnaby News Leader: Team Canada at Global Games (July 2014)

Where do I begin with this one. This one has been all over the board but I think that everything was done to make the best of a not so great situation. In short, the Burnaby Boggarts don’t exist anymore, we have joined forces with another team to create the Vancouver Vipertooths and I’m really excited about it. My teammates are an amazing group of people that are tons of fun both on and off the pitch. At this point, they pretty much feel like family to me.

All the other aspects of my life have pretty much stayed relatively the same. Funny enough even though I haven’t been doing much of anything, I’ve still felt like something’s been out of place and I hadn’t been able to figure out why until last night. It’s been 4 months since I’ve written. Even worse, it’s been 4 months since I’ve done anything remotely creative. I haven’t read any books, written in my journal or even cross stitched, all of which generally have a calming and satisfying effect on me. It’s about time that changes, just writing this post is helping me feel more like me.

So that’s all for now but I’ll be back next week!

Until next time,


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