2015 ready

The past week, I’ve been hearing a lot about the top something or another of 2014 so I decided it was time for me to start thinking about my new year tradition. On January 1st, I give myself a good chunk of time to write in my journal. I take some time and think about the bigger things that I’ve accomplished in the past year and wonder at what I could do in the coming year. I start by going through the list that I created at the start of the current year and I go through it.

I write about my favorite parts of accomplishing the things I set out to do and how it’s impacting my life, positive or negative. I also write about all the things I didn’t accomplish that I thought I would and write a little bit about why they didn’t happen. Some of them I couldn’t do on my own and things just didn’t line up for everyone involved despite my best efforts. Others didn’t even come close to happening but I ended up having a completely different experience. I don’t know if it was a better experience than the one I had wanted, but it’s the one I got and I’m hoping that it was better for me.

I then shift gears and take some time to visualize the upcoming year to set myself up to repeat the activity at the end of the year. I end up jotting down a handful of things I see myself accomplishing and I also try to set a resolution for myself. Not so much a quantifiable goal to achieve but a shift in mindset, a shift in my lifestyle.

At one point in time during this year, when I was spending my days outside exploring, having fun and wandering where ever my feet decided to take me, a friend of mine mentioned that what they liked most about me was that I’m good conversation and that I have a fun loving attitude. I look back at the person I was then and I was those things but I don’t feel like I’m that person anymore and I miss being those things. I’ve let the habits of the people who surround me pull me into hours of mindless tv watching and with no desire to leave the house and interact with the outside world unless I have to. I’m going to use my friend’s comment as inspiration for the shift I want in 2015, to rediscover that person and to be her more often.

Have a happy New Year everyone!

Until next time,


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