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“It’s J.D!”

I discovered something equally exciting and terrifying today while browsing google. They are planning on turning one of my favorite books into a movie. Sloppy Firsts is the first in a a series of 5 books (the Jessica Darling series) by Megan McCafferty that I had the fortune to stumble upon probably close to a decade ago while browsing the library. It’s a series that I actually own (and I don’t own many) because when I need to delve into Jessica Darling’s world absolutely nothing else will do.

The Jessica Darling series

While I’m hesitantly looking forward to this page to screen transformation I’m really worried about it for a few reasons like:

1. I have no idea how they’re going to turn a book of journal entries into a movie. Granted I didn’t know how they’d turn Life of Pi into a movie when I read the book and they did a phenomenal job. I also saw The Golden Compass be mutilated and I haven’t been able to look at that book the same way since the film was released. I don’t want Jessica’s story to be completely destroyed.

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Valentine’s musings

Yes, it is a little late for valentines posts but I’m doing one anyway. Between¬†episodes of The Simpsons, Modern Family and a viewing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,¬†I spent time wondering if I’ve actually learned anything from being single all these years. I started flipping through my old notebooks and I realized that at one point I actually learned a very valuable lesson. I’ve just found so many sources of frustration in my life lately that I’ve pretty much forgotten that lesson entirely.

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Young and free

Over the past 2 weeks, I have found myself saying “what is wrong with me” multiple times to myself. Not because I’ve gone and repeated a mistake I should have really learned from the first time but because I’ve been busy rediscovering old passions. Some of these things I don’t even know why I stopped doing and some just triggered some amazing memories and feelings of freedom coupled with a sense of everything being right in the world.

I laced up my runners and started running again this month. I didn’t even know that I enjoyed going for runs all that much I just realized that my endurance was absolutely terrible during quidditch practice and figured I should probably work on that for upcoming tournaments. I used to run often in September after I returned from Nevada, at first it was because it was weird not hiking 6 km everyday like I was used to and then it turned into a productive way to get rid of a lot of excess energy and had slowly morphed into my go to thing when I was bored and the sun was shining. An excuse to get out into the sunshine and out of my head, I would always return home with a clear head which helped me get perspective on things a lot faster. My first run in 4 months was a painful one. My legs remembered the habit and embraced the motion but the rest of my body wasn’t too pleased with what I was doing, but I powered through and I’m hoping that the act of running starts feeling more natural as I get back into it.

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