Welcome to the desert

The past two weeks have been extremely busy for me. Adjusting to a new place, new people, new job, new sights and new sounds. I have successfully made it to Nevada and I have finished my first work week which is actually 10 days long (this lets us have 4 day weekends to travel and explore the nearby areas).

Our first week was pretty much just training. Waking up at 6 am and heading out to do some birding and practicing some of the protocols we were learning in the afternoon and tuning our ears to the songs of the local birds. For someone who has spent most of her time on the west coast, there is a bit of an overlap between the birds but I have come to learn that birds have dialects because the same species here sound nothing like the ones at home. It’s been pretty overwhelming adapting to everything here but I think once I get into the swing of things in the field, it will all fall into place.

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